Joe Gray

Grove Sun

Despite a fairly brief agenda, the Grove City Council had their hands full Tuesday night. The main item of note was council action regarding a recommendation from the Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group to deny a claim filed by resident Delma Jackson for flood damage done to her home.

Jackson and several of her neighbors appeared before the council last month complaining about the recent flood damage to their homes, which they believe could have been avoided if the city had properly completed proper drainage work in their neighborhood near 4th and Dawn streets.

“The insurance company says that flood was caused by an act of nature,” Jackson said. “I think that’s wrong, and I think you know it’s wrong. That work should have been done so that wouldn’t have happened to my home, and it wasn’t done.” “In fact, if we had not come down here and discussed it, it would still probably be sitting there with nothing being done. But when we came down here, we were told, ‘Tomorrow they’ll start work’ and sure enough they did.”

Council members said they were sympathetic to Jackson’s situation, which required her to replace all of her carpet and get her floors dried, they stopped short of accepting liability for the problem.

“While I wish I could say that I agree with you, the fact is on that same evening that your house was flooded, mine was too,” councilman Ed Trumbull said. “It was not the fault of the city that my house flooded. It was because we had so much rain in a very short period of time. While I do feel for you, I don’t believe in this particular situation that the city is at fault.”

After lengthy discussion, with Jackson reasserting her belief that the city was responsible for the flooding, the council voted 4-0 to deny her claim.