Commissioners lifted the burn ban, transferred funds and sponsored REAP grants during their meeting held Tuesday morning.

According to Commissioner Doug Smith, district #1 commissioner, as of today, the statewide burn ban has been lifted and the board voted to lift the burn ban for Delaware County starting today.

After a hearing held last week, the board voted to approve the establishment of an Easeley family cemetery that is located in district #3.

Commissioners signed an agreement between the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office and the Delaware County Sheriff's Department for $20,000 annual grant. The money is used to hire off-duty deputies to help with traffic violations also performed by Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers.

The board also approved sponsorship of a REAP grant application for rural water district #12 in Oaks. The grant will be for $22,000, only a portion of the $504,000 that the town needs to solve the water issues in Oaks when it's well ran dry in July.

Funds were transferred for the following:

District #3 transferred $73.02, a balancing measure between accounts.

District #2 transferred $10,000 from maintenance & operation into salaries.

Kansas Fire Department transferred $1,000 from capital outlay into maintenance & operation.

Funds within County General in the amount of $10.94 was transferred from the commissioners to the county clerk.

The next meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on Tues., Aug. 30 starting at 9 a.m. In the commissioners office of the Delaware County Courthouse.