LOCUST GROVE - A gathering of three men with a history of drug offenses turned deadly Thursday when one turned a rifle on the other two, Mayes County Sheriff Frank Cantey said.

Jason Miller, 35, of Locust Grove, was arrested on murder complaints in connection with the deaths of the William Lonnie Brizendine, 42, of Rose, and Ronald Leroy O'Rear Sr., 48, of Locust Grove. Miller is being held in the Mayes County jail.

The men were at Miller's home four miles east of Locust Grove on U.S. 412, the sheriff said.

O'Rear was shot twice and Brizendine was shot once and stabbed four times in the neck, Cantey said.

Brizendine tried to run out the back door after he was shot, but was chased down and hit with the butt end of the rifle, the sheriff said. His assailant sat on his back, grabbed the victim's knife and then stabbed him, Cantey said.

Locust Grove police alerted the sheriff's staff that a man who identified himself as Miller had called them saying he had just killed two people, Cantey said.

He said the motive for the slayings was under investigation, but the three men "all had a history of drugs."

Court records show Miller has been charged several times with alcohol violations. Brizendine has been charged with traffic violations and knowingly concealing stolen property. O'Rear has been charged with several drug and alcohol violations.