According to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department four arrests have been made related to the theft of scrap metal in two days in the area.

On July 13 Alyssa Convirs, 20, of Wyandotte, and Drew Osborn, 19, also of Wyandotte were arrested for attempting to sell stolen scrap metal at Briscoe’s Salvage, located in rural Quapaw.

The arrest came after Ottawa County Deputy Sheriff Jeff Harding was dispatched to Briscoe’s Salvage in reference to two people attempting to sell stolen aluminum. While en route to the salvage yard Harding made contact  with a Grove business owner who told Harding that a large amount of scrap aluminum had been stolen from his business on the evening of July 12.

The business owner described the scrap aluminum which was used in the manufacture of machine parts and had distinctive mill marks.

The reported theft was confirmed by the Grove Police Department.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department reports that Ronnie Briscoe, the owner of the salvage yard, had been contacted earlier by the Grove business owner to make him aware of the stolen aluminum.

When Convirs and Osborn attempted to sell the metal to Brisoce on July 13 he stalled the two and contacted the sheriff’s department.

In statements obtained by Deputy Harding Convirs and Osborn said that they had picked the metal up from the side of the road. The metal was later identified by the Grove business owner as the metal reported stolen from his business. Both Convirs and Osborn were placed under arrest for felony possession of stolen property and transported to the Ottawa County Jail for booking.

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The metal was later weighed and there was approximately 1,300 pounds of scrap metal.

According to Briscoe the stolen metal was worth $390. He said, “I haven’t slept since their arrest, and I made the call to the sheriff’s department. I think these kids are telling the truth and picked this stuff up off the side of the road. I think it’s a dirty deal and whatever the costs is to keep this from ruining their lives I am going to pay it.”

Briscoe said he had paid the bondsman to bail them out and has hired attorney Ron Stockwell to defend them.

 The arrest of two more men Derrick Harper, 21, and Justin Arrowood, 21 of Miami was made in a separate attempt at scrap metal theft which took place Thursday. 

According to the Ottawa  County Sheriff’s Department the arrests happened after Ottawa County Deputies were dispatched to the property of a rural Miami resident in reference to two people in the process of stealing scrap metal from the property.  The owner told dispatch that when he arrived at his property he noticed three men in a dark green Ford Ranger pickup pulling out of the driveway to his property with his scrap metal loaded in the back. The property owner pulled his vehicle in front of the truck and confronted the men about why they were there. One of the men told him he had been hired by a company to clean the property.

The property owner told the men to unload the metal and they did. He then told them he was calling the police and the men fled. One ran north on foot toward the City of Miami’s Industrial Park. The other  two got into the Ford pickup and sped away.

Law enforcement which included officers with the Miami Police Department, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Quapaw Police Department, Quapaw Tribal Marshalls and the Commerce Police Department began a search of the area. The suspect on foot was not located.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Robert Cook noticed a green Ford Ranger sitting behind a rural Quapaw home. Cook made contact with two males there, later identified as Harper and Arrowood.

Both denied involvement but were later identified as the men who fled by the property owner. Other evidence was also found to confirm the victim’s account of the incident.

Harper and Arrowood  were placed under arrest for Felony Theft of Copper and were transported to the Ottawa County Jail for booking.

 A statement from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department said: “The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department would like to thank all law enforcement agencies in the two incidents for their cooperation in apprehending all suspects. Sheriff Terry Durborow would also like to remind all citizens that scrap metal prices are very reasonable, and attempted theft of such items will continue to occur. Sheriff Durborow says if citizens should witness scrap metal theft to take caution, and contact  authorities.”