ZENA – A local bank is accepting donations for two families who lost a beloved family member and all their possessions in a house fire Monday morning.

According to family member Chevell Hale, her mother, Pamela White, and White’s two sons lived in the residence located 1.25 miles west of Highway 59, on Highway 127, along with Pamela’s brother Jaxon Brewer, wife Misty, and their three sons.

Hale said that Pamela and her two children had left the residence before the fire started. Misty and her three boys, however, were still in the home after Jaxon left for work that Monday morning.

According to Hale, the families have received clothing and shoes and the Red Cross has been helping them with temporary lodging.

“Pam has found a place to live, but we’re still looking for somewhere for Jaxon and his family,” Hale said.

Hale, who works at the Lighthouse Café on Monkey Island along with her mother Pam, said that if anyone wants to donate clothing or other household items, they’ve welcome to bring them to the café.

As of Thursday morning, two bank accounts, one in Pamela White’s name and one in Matthew Brewer’s name have been established at Grand Savings Bank. Anyone wanting to help the family financially, can go to either location, in Jay or Grove, and deposit money in either or both accounts.

Fire Departments from Jay, Eucha, Grove and Zena responded at 8:20 a.m. Monday morning to the flame-engulfed mobile home.

Misty, her seven-week-old son and two-year-old son were rescued by Mike White, who is a neighbor and uncle to the children. Rescuers were unable to save the four-year-old boy who died at the scene.

Emergency medical personnel from both Jay and Grove were at the location and treated White for burns to his scalp that he sustained during the rescue. All three family members were transported to Integris Grove General Hospital where they were treated and released.

Also on the scene were the State Fire Marshall and the Medical Examiner’s office.

“The area of origin of the fire was in the boy’s bedroom, which is near the south central part of the trailer” said Donnie Howard, an investigator with the state Fire Marshal’s Office.

Howard said the cause of the fire has not been determined, but there “was no evidence of an incendiary fire at this point.”