Joe Gray

Grove Sun Editor

It's funny the things you find yourself explaining during a given day.

For instance, a member of our staff (who shall remain anonymous, until she runs out and tells everyone this is about her) was absolutely convinced she was really in line to receive 50,000 British Pounds from Coca-Cola and HSBC Bank,.This was thanks to the tireless efforts of one "Nigel West", world-renowned internet do-gooder who contacts a selected few (million) individuals via email to give away the piles of cash, all foreign currency of course, that he has laying around at his disposal.

"That Nigel's a busy guy," I say. "Just last week he tried to give me a trillion Yen. I don't know how he does it."

Through a combined effort, we were finally able to at least partially convice her that Coke doesn't go around giving away money, particularly British Pounds.

I'm still not sure she bought it though, the Coca-Cola angle was really working on her mind. So I'm sure she'll hear from "Nigel" again soon, as he's under a tight deadline to give away the coin of the realm.

If any of you have received your British Pounds from Nigel, be sure and let me know. I've always wanted to see Big Ben.-