DELAWARE COUNTY – Four out of five convenience stores in southern Delaware County were issued citations for selling tobacco and beer to minors during a compliance check conducted by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Monday night.

Of the five stores checked, Bo’s in Kansas was the only one that refused to sell tobacco and beer to a minor.

Two other stores in Kansas sold tobacco to underage juveniles including Speedy’s and T& T.

Spring Place in Oaks also sold tobacco to a minor and Twister’s in Flint Ridge sold both tobacco and beer to a minor.

“We checked these stores earlier in the year and issued warnings. This time we issued citations. Two from the Kansas Police Department and two from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department,” said Sheriff’s Department Captain Ron Teel.

Members of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department, Project Under 21, Kansas and Grove Police Departments and ROCMND all participated in the compliance check Monday.

 “Every so often, these agencies do a compliance check. Juveniles from other communities and schools are sent in to the stores sporadically throughout the year. These kids have parental permission to help us with these random checks,” said Teel.

 “ROCMND Area Youth Services serves a 6 county-wide area and Project Under 21 is a nationwide program that does these compliance checks, not only in convenience store, but liquor stores as well,” said Detective Teel.

Stores that sell alcohol and tobacco to juveniles are in violation of the law. Violators can face citations, fines and possible jail time. Businesses can also lose their beverage and tobacco permits.

In Oklahoma, the legal age to purchase tobacco is 18, and 21 years old for alcohol.

The last compliance check was in October of this year and all three stores checked were in compliance, Grand Country Store, Marvin’s Trading Post and Stop-A-Lot.

 “We’d also like to show the public that we’re not just arresting people all the time, but use our departments to keep reinforcing the laws with projects like these. It’s everybody striving to make a safer community for everyone,” Teel concluded.