Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

An unidentified female driving from Miami to Grove thought she was hearing a dog yelping somewhere in her vehicle. When she pulled over to see what it was, she found a dog stuck under the hood.

According to police responders, the driver said she tried to get the dog out, but the dog wouldn’t let her. She then drove straight to Grove Fire. Grove Police, Fire, Vehicle Maintenance and Animal Shelter responded to help.

In order to save the very lost and frightened dog, Matt Smith from the City of Grove Vehicle Maintenance Department had to remove the wheel well to get the dog out.

She is currently residing at the Grove City Animal Shelter and waiting anxiously to be found or adopted. “She looks like a beagle mix. She is happy and ready to go home. She is very playful and will make a great family dog,” said Debbie Tanner, Animal Control Officer.

For more information on how to adopt her, contact the animal shelter at 918-786-6967.