Shawna Mann

Grove Sun

Members of the Seneca-Cayuga tribe gathered last week for the annual Green Corn ceremony.

The weeklong event is held at the tribe's ceremonial grounds off of Highway 10.

Tribal members camp at the site throughout the week and engage in different activities.

Visitors and members of other tribes were welcomed Friday evening with several ceremonial dances.

The ceremony is a time for friends and family to gather, thanking the Creator for everything He has done and continues to do.

It is a time to celebrate life and rekindle friendships.

Green Corn is just one of four ceremonies the Seneca-Cayuga tribe celebrates throughout the year.

Beginning in April with the Spring Sundance, the sun is thanked for the life it gives to the crops and the seeds are blessed to grow a good harvest.

Next is the Strawberry dance held in May. This special dance is held when the strawberries are ripe and to give thanks for the fresh fruit of the season.

The first full moon of July marks the date for the Blackberry dance. This nighttime dance is where tribal members thank the moon for providing light during planting season.

Finally, in August is the Green Corn ceremony.

At the end of Green Corn a fall Sundance is performed.

Each of these ceremonies is significant to the Seneca-Cayuga tribe. They reflect how their ancestors relied on growing crops for food and living off the land.