INTEGRIS Grove General Hospital announced Thursday that it will discontinue ambulance service in Cleora as of March, 2009.

Since July 2, 2005, INTEGRIS Grove has operated the Cleora Emergency Medical Ambulance Service to bring advanced paramedic level emergency services to the center of the Cleora School District. 

According to a release by the hospital, INTEGRIS Grove agreed to commit to staffing the ambulance service 24/7 with a trained advanced paramedic level team in an effort to cut response times for two years in conjunction with the Cleora Emergency Medical Service District Trust,.

With the current economy itself being on life-support, after long thought and assessment, INTEGRIS Grove leadership has decided it is not feasible to continue operations.

 “This year, we have run 196 patients, with an average of 18 patients per month,” explained Grove Emergency Services Director Jeff Dozier.  “It (the ambulance service) was projected to run at least 1 patient per day with continued growth.”

INTEGRIS Grove President Greg Martin said he feels that it is time to get back to basics. 

“We have made a 57 million dollar commitment to this community with the building of the new hospital and with the down turn of the economy, we have to take a defense posture financially to fulfill our mission and that is to concentrate on our core services," Martin said.

INTEGRIS Grove will keep operating the service until March 31, 2009.

For more information contact Jordan Cash, Assistant Vice-President of Ancillary Services, at 918-787-3434.