KANSAS, Okla. – For the third time in a year, Kansas School District voters defeated a school bond issue.

The bond was squelched by approximately 11 votes of the 60% majority needed.

The pre-provisional results of Tuesday’s election showed that 790 voters went to the polls, twice as many as turned out for the two previous attempts at passing the bond.

Voters casting their ballots in favor of the proposition numbered 463, while 327 voted against funding the $3,295,000 price tag for construction projects at the school.

The 58.61% of the votes in favor fell just short of the 60% need to pass the resolution, with 41.39% of the voters voting no.

According to election board officials, there are still two provisional votes to be counted, but the two votes will not make a difference in the outcome.

The cost to the school for the special election amounted to approximately $5,8000.

Election results will not be final until Friday.

Kansas schools have been trying since March 2007 to pass a bond issue in order to build classrooms and a field house facility with a price tag of $1.5 million.

The vote failed previously when 180 voters voted yes and 169 voted no in a turnout of 349 voters. In other words, 51.58% voted in favor and 48.42 voted against.

The cost to the school for that election amounted to $5,499.95.

In the Primary Election on August 14, 2007, 380 voters cast their ballots with 218 voting no and 162 voting yes. That vote amounted to 57.37% for and 42.63% against.

The cost to the school for the second attempt was $4,373.01, according to election board figures.