The Grove Police Department issued a warning Tuesday about a suspected con man preying on elderly citizens in the Grove area.

Detective James Highley said the suspect is described as a white male approximately 5’10” or 5’11” with graying hair worn in double braids. He was last seen wearing jeans, a regular shirt and a ball cap. He is reported to be driving a light colored or off-white Chevy sedan.

According to a report given to the Grove Police Department, the suspect approached a woman’s residence in the late morning and claimed he was conducting a survey in which he needed to measure the inside of her home in order to provide assistance with utility cost relief, but he never stated who he was supposedly working for.

He measured the living room and one bedroom, but did not measure the whole house, the report said.

The resident said she asked the man for his business card several times, and each time he made “a great show of patting himself down as if looking for the card, even though his shirt didn’t have any pockets.” He then claimed that his card was in his car and he would get it shortly.

The reporting party said the suspect talked very quickly and asked if she needed repairs done on her house.

He then told her he would pay her for her cooperation and produced a $100 bill. He “made a big show” of pointing out that the bill had a serial number and was just a regular $100 bill. He said he would leave the bill with her if she gave him three $20 bills.

She replied that she didn’t have that kind of money, and he left, saying she would receive a check for $40 in the mail the next day with his business card.

“I would like to caution residents not to allow people they don’t know into their homes,” Highley said. “Most likely the $100 note was counterfeit.”

He said that anytime citizens become suspicious of people coming to their doors, they should not hesitate to notify the police department.