Janet Barber

And the Chemo begins……..

Continued from March 23…

Then comes the warning….”But don’t ring it accidently because we’re all aware that this is your first treatment and we’re monitoring you closely.” Shoot….now I’m beginning to wonder if my reputation has preceded me. Not only am I being watched, but they’ve given me a sounding device to alert them. I’m feeling smothered.

“Would you like a blanket”, she smiled and asked me. “Why sure”.

Now first comes a small bag that is supposed to help keep this chemo stuff from making your stomach upset. Not bad….then comes some benedryl(sp?) and she ways this is supposed to help in case of an allergic reaction. “Now, it may make you sleepy”.

Yeah right, the only thing it made me was happy and who in their right mind would want to go to sleep when they’re that happy? Apparently my roommates were, because I looked around and everyone was being very, very quiet and some were even asleep, covered with their blankets, hooked up with tubes that looked like umbilical cords and laid back in their comfy recliners.

This is when my two “babysitters” came untrained on me. They started talking and laughing and their dragging me into their broohaha.

“Ssshhh, you two, there are sick people in here. You’re going to get me kicked out. I’ll be the only woman in North American that’s been kicked out of chemotherapy.” Now with this, they didn’t even bother to quiet down so I did the only thing I knew to do. “Go get us some lunch, I’m starving,” I said, although it was the farthest thing from my mind. And off they went.

They get back within an hour and from that point on, all the nurses walked by and wanted to comment on our lunch, but at least it kept my girls quiet when they had food in their mouths.

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