Snowball. Itís a silly name for my white cat with blue crossed eyes but my daughter named her.

Weíve had the poor thing for a year now. She was my birthday present, because two dogs wasnít enough in one house. I say poor thing because she has already spent a couple lives. Itís a good thing she gets nine.

First, she was taken away from her mom to live with us and the two dogs who would not leave her alone.

A month later, she gets stuffed into a crate and travels in my jeep from California to Grove on a 28 hour adventure. She did get to go for a walk at the Grand Canyon on a leash but she wasnít very happy about it.

After we lived here a couple months we decided she was probably old enough and adjusted to Okla. well enough that she could go outside and play. It didnít take long before she got stuck in the tree. I almost called fire to ask if they still come rescue kittens out of trees, but after about an hour, I was able to coax her down.

This winter she went missing. My daughter and neighbor could hear her, but no one could find her. We thought maybe she was stuck up in the attic in the garage, but no. Kendra and I went to investigate at lunch and walked past my daughters car. Turns out Snowball was under the hood, sitting on a ledge.

Whatís really scary about that is my daughter drove around the neighborhood for 20 minutes looking for Snowball and she was under the hood the whole time.

Her most recent escapade gave her a new nickname. She is now ďFirecatĒ. Snowball was missing again. When my boyfriend came home from the fire station Sunday, we ate breakfast and went to church. On the way I was telling him I hadnít seen Snowball for a two days. He said ďthatís funny, because George and I saw a cat that looked like Snowball the other day. Yep, you guessed it, she hitched a ride in his car. Probably through the window that wonít close.

After church we went straight to the station and called her name. There she was, peeking out from the ladder truck, covered in grease and looking very traumatized. Itís a good thing they didnít get a call that night that required the truck, who knows where she would have ended up next.