The road to success in the country music business is hard packed by many travelers wearing dusty old boots, packing a guitar and some song lyrics, but something in singer/songwriter Jon Wolfe keeps driving him on down that well worn path. This talented Miami hometown native is getting lots of attention on the Texas music circuit. He's had two songs,"Let a Country Boy Love You" and "That Girl in Texas" reach high up on the Texas Top 10 chart. Wolfe's newest release from his 2010 CD, 'It All Happened in a Honky Tonk,' titled "I Don't Dance" is at #24 and climbing.

This Friday he will be performing at the Midnight Rodeo in Tulsa at 10 p.m. He hopes to draw some friends and fans from Miami there.

Wolfe, who's last name was Sharp, took on his step-father's last name since living in Miami. He said it's been quite awhile since he played basketball at Miami High School for Coach Hill and graduated in 1994. "I'm an Oklahoma kid born and raised," Wolfe said.

He recalls playing at the Grand Lake Opry in Grove where other locals who have achieved country music fame, Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts and Keifer Thompson of the Thompson Square duo, also played.

His journey took some turns and detours after that.Wolfe said he moved to Texas for awhile, came back to Oklahoma to live in Tulsa, then on to Colorado where he graduated with a degree in finance and worked as a commodities trader before being transferred to Houston where his music career caught fire again. "I was the only guy on the trading floor in cowboy boots," he said. He now lives in Austin, Texas.

"I played and sang all the time as a kid. This whole thing got started again in Texas," Wolfe said.

In May of 2006 Wolfe signed with Midas Records before this latest turn in the road.With a strong Texas influence, his emotional, sweet Okie voice reminds you of George Strait's, no coincidence since he was in a band with Strait's nephew Trey. Wolfe seems destined and poised to break through for a hot career in country music. Wolfe's grateful for his fans and the support he's received. "The Strait family has supported and encouraged me so much," he said.

Like many recording artists who have gone before him, after playing hundreds of shows on the music circuit road in Texas and Oklahoma he's getting heard and noticed.

Wolfe, who's also a song writer, penned a song that top country stars Joe Nichols and Allison Krauss have recently recorded, "I Can't Take My Eyes Off You."

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