JAY – The new surveillance cameras were put to the test recently when a Tulsa man was caught on tape fleeing from the Delaware County Courthouse to evade arrest.

Jerremy Alan Ford, 29, was in the courthouse on Feb. 19 regarding a felony charge of forgery in the second degree in Delaware County when Delaware County Reserve Deputy Walter Risher, who was at that time serving as the on-duty jailer, served an arrest warrant on Ford.

The warrant was for obtaining merchandise by means of a bogus check, a felony, and was filed in 2006 in Cherokee County, Okla.

According to documents filed in district court, Officer Risher talked to the defendant’s attorney Chris Ramsey first, stating that he had a warrant for Risher’s arrest. Ramsey asked that his client not be cuffed as he was in district court on another case.

Officer Risher then said that Ford asked to go to the restroom, located near to the courtrooms. Officer Risher allowed him to do so.

Officer Risher said he turned his back on the restroom door when he heard people coming up behind him. When he turned back, Ford was running from the restroom down the hall.

Ford continued out the door and across the courtyard despite being told to stop repeatedly by Officer Risher.

The suspect’s flight from arrest was captured on tape and he now faces a felony charge of escape from arrest or detention. An arrest warrant has been issued and bond is set at $20,000.

The forgery charge against him is still pending and he is due to return to district court on March 13 at 9:30 a.m.