The Grove Police Department may not have anything as spectacular as the gadgets featured in James Bond movies, but they do have access to some of the highest tech law enforcement equipment available.

According to Lt. Detective Mark Sheridan, officers in the department have access to a variety of state-of-the-art tools through a special nationwide service called Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC).

“I can’t go into everything we can get,” Sheridan said. “But we can get electronic, audio and visual devices that are hidden in hats, glasses, pens – you never know what they can be put in.”

Sheridan explained that those are just a few of the things available through ROCIC.

“They will give us anything we need equipment-wise, surveillance devices, vehicles, graphs, charts, and blow-up pictures for court,” he said.

“Our rep for the area is named Grady Lowery and he is very active. Anything we need – Grady will make it happen,” Sheridan said.

Not only does the center provide a wide variety of devices that can be used to fight crime, it also gives officers a resource for information.

“They have multiple access to data bases and they can do extensive people searches,” Sheridan said.

ROCIC also puts area officers in touch with law enforcement officers across the country.

Sheridan said that the center was recently instrumental in helping Grove Police to solve a case involving a burglary at Tempy’s.

“ATVs and guns were stolen in that burglary,” Sheridan said.

“ROCIC helped us set up a meeting with 30 investigators because the burglary was part of a string of burglaries that covered a large area,” Sheridan explained.

 He said with the help of ROCIC, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department, and Channel Six’s Laura Fulbright, investigators were able to identify seven suspects in the case.

“One of them is serving federal time now,” Sheridan said. “The rest of them are also being prosecuted federally.”

Sheridan said ROCIC is an extremely helpful resource for Grove P.D.

“We do pay for this service, but it give us so many advantages,” he said. “It makes us more effective at doing our jobs.”