Dear Editor, and readers,

I, like many others are, rightly, wondering what the facts are concerning those running for President. This is entirely understandable, considering the constant barrage of lies emanating from the George W. Bush Whitehouse!

Here are the realities, as I see them.

John McCain: Honored Veteran, assuredly!

George W. Bush all over again! Gasp!

Damaged physically from five years of torture at the hands of his captors in Hanoi. Will he last out his tenure?

Damaged psychologically from five years of torture. Evidence his thirst  

For war, and his, “everything is OK,” rhetoric.

Politically he believes that the wholly failed methods, now being used inCongress, the Whitehouse, and the Judiciary are positive.  

The nation probably wouldn’t survive a McCain presidency.

Hillary Clinton: Insistent on touting her experience. That “experience” is mostly in her  mind, and not born out by the facts. Her “experience” is all in using the methods, now in practice, that has devastated our government’s ability to  function, gutted our economy, or to protect us.

Voted for the war in Iraq that has detoured us from the hunt for those truly responsible for 9/11, cost us our standing around the world, devastated our military and economy, alienated our allies, and generally made us much less safe.

Uses Karl Rove campaign tactics. These tactics, ignore the real issues, spreads fear and hatred, and uses lies and innuendo to portray her opponents as villains, or moral reprobates.

Better than G. W. Bush, maybe, but we cannot afford that she doesn’t represent sufficient change, requisite to put our nation back on track. 

 Barack Obama: “Change we can believe in,” is his platform, and what all of us know, down deep, is essential for the survival of our country.

Lacks the indoctrination into the, “do-things-as-usual,” mindset that has debilitated the Congress.

Has the wisdom of one much older, and the judgment to determine the best possible option in any given situation.

Supports transparency in government, which was the prime basis of our faltering democracy.

Offers the hope, and inspiration, so desperately needed, and almost forgotten by the present group of elected officials. 

Is willing to form unity, and where necessary, to form viable compromises so essential if the nation’s government is to truly function in the interest of the people as a whole.

Represents the, requisite for the kind of national unity needed for our survival as a nation, rejection of the errant bigotries of ethnicity, religion, and economic standing.

In this time of near cataclysmic failure by our “representative” government, this choice (Barack Obama), is the only dispassionately rational, or intelligent option!!

Hey, people, let’s use intelligence, instead of emotion, to elect this next President. I fear this one will make, or break, us! With sincere hope for our futures,

Thomas L. Chambers