Kirsten Mustain

Grove Sun

Longtime publisher of the Grove Sun and curmudgeon-about-town, M. Gerald Stone passed away at his residence in Northport, AL, Sunday morning, August 8.

He was the former co-owner of the Enterprise Group chain of newspapers, and published newspapers in Slidell, LA, and Tahlequah as well as in Grove.

Ever controversial, Stone was an award-winning publisher and editorialist, widely known for his conservative columns. He was not afraid to take on corruption at the city, county and state levels.

He was also a humanitarian who was honored throughout his life with awards too numerous to mention.

Stone is remembered by his coworkers at the Sun as someone who knew the newspaper business inside and out.

Even though he was serious about selling papers, he created a fun work environment for his employees, and was the first to express his appreciation for hard work with a kind word or a raise.

One former employee recalled that people would sometimes be so offended by Stone’s writings that they would cancel their subscriptions, only to buy the paper at the newsstands because they couldn’t resist reading his next column.

Even though he left Grove some years ago, his legacy remains.

Many residents still recall his flamboyant and vocal presence in the community.

A memorial service will be held today, Tuesday, August 10 at 10:30 a.m. in Northport, AL, with Reverend Randy Fuller officiating.

Burial will be TBD at Lakeview Cemetery in Lake Arthur, LA.

Stone was preceded in death by his father, H. Ford Stone of North Port, AL and his wife, Ginger Jordan Stone of Lark Arthur, LA.

Stone is survived by his mother, Cleo Hartley Stone of Northport, AL, h; his borther, Hulon Stone of Northport, AL, and his sister Judy (Stone) Williams of Macon, GA.

He is also survived by his son, aul, (Kim) Stone of Madisonville, LA; three grandchildren, Jamie Stone of New Orleans, LA; Katies Tone of Lacombe, LA, and Tommy Stone of Madisonville, LA. He also leaves behind a great granddaughter Lilly Grace Stone of New Orleans, LA.