The true spirit of Christmas was present at last week’s Grove Christmas Parade.

A young girl from Gravette, Arkansas who was attending the parade with her family met Santa in disguise – he was wearing a dog suit.

Kearstin Holland received a bicycle from a person in a dog suit who jumped off of a float.

According to reports, the “dog” asked Kearstin if she had a bike. When she answered no, he told her the bike was hers.

Kearstin’s mother, Cindy Holland said, “I had walked back to my car to get my youngest daughter’s gloves out, and my husband was pretty much in shock, so he did not even see which float it came off of.”

The Holland family was in front of the Main Street Shell station when the anonymous gift-giver in canine garb appeared.

Kearstin’s father, Tony Mains, told witnesses he was so happy that she had asked for a bike for Christmas and that the family could not afford to give her one.

Cindy Holland said she wanted to express her sincere appreciation to whomever gave her daughter the bike.

“I know that with the economy the way it has been everyone is having a hard time with finances.  I think that it is great when people and businesses who are more for fortunate than others are able to show their support and generosity when the holidays come around.  We do not have much to offer others except for our services.  My husband is an auto and tractor mechanic and I help out at our kid's elementary school in Gravette.  Please send out a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she said.

As of press time, a slew of phone calls had still not uncovered the identity of the generous “dog” or the float to which he was attached.

If anyone knows this anonymous canine Santa, the Hollands would really love to tell him “Thanks.”