MONKEY ISLAND – Three people have been arrested for allegedly cooking methamphetamines at a home in Port Duncan.

David Pizzillo, 47, Jesse Hutchison, 38, and Aimee Clark, 31, were arrested Thursday night, Januray 22nd after drug task force officers were called to the Pizzillo home, located at #4 Circle Drive in Port Duncan, in response to a report of “fuel-like fumes” in the area.

“We had received several reports of possible drug activity in that community. When the call came, I contacted Sheriff’s Deputy Fabian Rutherford and we went to investigate,” said Delaware County Captain Ron Teel, of the Delaware County Drug Task Force.

According to Teel, when Pizzillo answered the door he detected an odor associated with the cooking of methamphetamines.

“There was a haze throughout the home, like they had recently finished a cook. The fumes were pretty strong,” said Teel.

Grove Emergency Services and the Monkey Island Fire Department were called to the scene to assist.

The three suspects were removed from the home, but refused medical treatment.

Teel suffered respiratory problems and was taken to the Integris Grove General Hospital Emergency room where he was treated and released.

Detective Mike Eason, assigned to the force by the District Attorney’s office, asked for and received a search warrant for the home.

Officers discovered items used in the cooking of methamphetamines, methamphetamines, and drug paraphernalia in the back bedroom of the home.

The suspects were taken into custody and appeared in district court Friday morning for arraignment.

A $100,250 bond was set on Pizzillo. Anticipated charges could include manufacturing methamphetamines and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A  $100,000 bond was set on Clark and Hutchison. Anticipated charges could include manufacturing methamphetamines.

According to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department, there have been a lot fewer meth labs discovered since spring of last year. Officials credit the new psuedoephedrine laws for the downturn in local meth labs.