Kendra Montana

Grove Sun

Registered voters in Ketchum will decide who will represent four seats on the board of trustees, along with city clerk/treasurer, on April 4, as approved by the Town of Ketchum at the regular meeting held on Monday night.

The board approved April 4, as the date for a town meeting election in which voters will elect trustees for Posts One, Two and Five for a four year term, Post Three for a two year term and town clerk/treasurer for a four year term as decided on Monday night.

The posts which will appear on the ballot are currently held by Shirley Skinner, Post One, Allison Graham, Post Two, John Powell, Post Three, Joel Webb, Post Five and Judy Powell is clerk/treasurer.

The election will be held at city hall on Monday, April 4, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Next on the agenda the board approved a contract between the town and Grand Gateway Economic Development Agency for a REAP grant in the amount of $29,000 to improve drainage within the city limits.

The board tabled three items pertaining to Public Service Company of Oklahoma and the franchise in the town of Ketchum.

The first item called for action on the continuance of the franchise in the Town of Ketchum and PSO and permits for PSO to use streets and alleyways within the city limits. The second item called for action on passing an ordinance granting PSO the franchise on Ketchum.The third item requested that the board pass a resolution calling for an election to be held on April 4,  for the purpose of submitting and ordinance for approval by the qualified electors granting PSO a non-exclusive franchise over 25 years.

The board will revisit the items at a later date.

The town of Ketchum meets the second Monday of each month in Ketchum City Hall beginning at 6:30p.m.