Mike Davenport, representing the Grove School Booster Club, presented a proposal to the Grove School Board regarding a new stadium project in a special meeting Tuesday morning.

The Booster Club would like to see improvements to the current stadium and were seeking approval from the board for their stadium project.

In a 4-1 vote, the school board voted to allow the Booster Club to start raising money for new stadium seating to be installed by the start of the 2009 football season.

The stadium seating will be made available for Grove residents and supporters at a cost of $100.

Of that amount $25 will give the seat holder admission to the games as well as a reserved seat. Thirty-seven dollars and 50 cents will go to the Stadium fund for future improvements and the remaining $37.50 will go to the Booster Club to help with the sports programs.

Along with the new stadium seats, walkway widths will be increased and a new center aisle will be made.

I went to school here in 1987 and nothing has been done to the existing stadium, reported Davenport. It is time for us to come into the 21st Century and bring our stadium up to date.

Davenport stated that he worked one day on the project by himself and raised $18,000 in financial commitments for the new reserved seating.

He stated, The project started with 280 seats but we have ended up with 405 and can sell them to raise money for the current and future improvements of the stadium and the sports programs in the Grove Schools. This is something I feel we must do.

The majority of the Board was in favor of the plan with Jerry Crossley commenting that he was definitely for improvements for the students but also worried about the people who were longtime loyal supporters of the sports programs and would be displaced by the new seating.

Crossley stated, I dont want to alienate those people.

Therefore Crossley abstained from voting.

In other board business the board voted to hire Dwayne Brown as the new Director of Facilities and Building Operations for the 2008-09 school year.

The purchase of 13 acres of land north of the High School was tabled until the September meeting.