Cheryl Franklin

Grove Sun

Grove City Council, last week, contracted with Kerr & Kerr to represent them as city attorney.

“We are honored that the Grove City Council has selected Kerr & Kerr to provide municipal legal services. We look forward to establishing a positive working relationship with city staff and officials,” said Kelly Kerr.

According to Kelly Kerr, the attorneys and legal associates at Kerr & Kerr have 37 years combined experience in law and municipal government that include a broad range of areas of practice. Our experience includes municipal law, with an emphasis in zoning and land use regulation and ordinance preparation, legal opinions, research reporting, and presentations to city officials.

Kelly D. Kerr is one of the founding partners in the firm. He has a degree in political science with an emphasis on state and local government public service from the University of Central Oklahoma, with a minor in business administration.

Kelly received his law degree from the University of Oklahoma and is currently an active member of the Oklahoma Bar Association.

He spent the first two years of his legal career in Oklahoma City working as an employment law attorney. He worked with the firm Davis & Thompson in Jay, Okla. in 2005 and 2006 on cases that ranged from trusts, probates, corporations, street and alley vacations.

Kelly has extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney, and has represented many clients in the Grove Municipal Court. He has also served as a geography teacher and coach for Grove Public Schools, where he was named Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers and Regional Coach of the Year.

In 2008, Kelly was the Democratic nominee for Oklahoma House of Representatives.

He is a long time resident of Grove and provides responsive and quality service to all clients. He was twice awarded the esteemed honor of serving as a guest professor of state and local government at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Boy’s State.