It may have come with more theatrics than a Broadway musical, but the problem of the North Cherokee Road bridge appears to be solved, thanks largely to the efforts of District One county commissioner Doug Smith.

If youíll recall, it was Smith who declared he would go to jail if thatís what it took to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles thrown up by certain state agencies.

These hurdles delayed construction, forcing area residents to take alternate, more dangerous routes and causing at least one serious accident.

Smithís antics may have been over the top, a patented piece of political grandstanding, but it was effective, which is what matters. Besides, even Shakespeare had his hackneyed moments. Seriously, the Lady MacBeth hand washing scene wasnít totally overdone?

On this page a few weeks ago, I derided Smith and the rest of our local politicians for not getting anything done when it came to the countyís poor roads. That particular broadside was aimed at the group, but Smith seemed to take it personally, calling our office to express his displeasure. Iím not apologizing for that, but I will now give Mr. Smith a round of applause for being responsive and proactive with the bridge. His antics may have been a worse performance than the Spiderman musical, but sometimes you have to make such a loud, discordant noise to get things done around here.

Iíd also like to give kudos to whoever is responsible for the repaving project on Highway 10 between Kansas and Jay. This stretch of road, though not as bad as what is south of Kansas, was sorely in need of just such a project. Itís nice to see our local leaders getting things like this done, in this case quietly, as it should be.

Maintaining our roads is vital if we are to grow tourism and other industries in this area, even if such work has to come with a dose of theatrics.