Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

The water looked inviting at Honey Creek Landing Friday, as scientists and officials met to decide what to do about the Independence Day Weekend. The warning signs might detour some from going in the water, but not all are heeding the warnings.

"I've been out in the water wakeboarding, on the wave runners, swimming and playing with my family in Honey Creek all week. None of us have got sick at all. I plan to go back in the water later today. Unless someone tells me I'll get a ticket, I'm going in," said Tom Sharpe, Senior Consultant and GSD of Honey Creek Landing.

"The water behind my house in Bernice looks awful, but if you stay away from the yucky water and use common sense, you should be fine," Sharpe added.

The Grove Sun will continue to post updates on the blue green algae as they emerge.