AXA Advisors LLC made a $500 donation to Sam Parton to benefit his Team Thunder.

Owners Earl Shero and Harvey Charbonneau to help Team Thunder with costs of travel for presentations to local and area schools made the donation.

“This is and excellent program and I have seen it in action. Children and adults will benefit from this program.” Stated Shero.

Team Thunder is a Top Fuel education racing team that presents programs to students from kindergarten through high school.

The team concentrates on Math, Science. Language Arts and Technology presentations.  Based in Oklahoma, Parton and his crew arrive with a top dragster racecar to deliver their unique message to classrooms and assemblies. A presentation usually starts with the student body gathering for a motivational presentation, followed by a certified teacher working in the classroom while the crew conducts educational field trips to see the car and trailer.

When weather permits, the crew will start the 5,000 horsepower engine.  

“If it’s to loud, you’re to old,” Parton said.

The students seem to agree and have made the saying one of Team Thunder’s trademark sayings.

After school Team Thunder stays to answer questions for the students, faculty and parents.  

Team Thunder tries to deliver a positive message at the start of each presentation. Some of the messages Sam tries to incorporate on a regular basis are, ‘Don’t be a bully,’ ‘Say no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco,’ ‘Believe in your dreams and yourself,’ and ‘Prepare for life.’

Math, science, technology, computer applications, finance, careers and language arts have never been so much fun.

Parton, a teacher for 15 years, and other certified teachers work with students to teach core concepts within the context of drag racing.

The 30 foot dragster is used to explain Newton’s Law, Bernoulli’s principal and various other math and science topics.

“Students come to school and ask why they have to learn this stuff? With the dragster we can explain it to them in a fun and still educational way,” Parton said.

He and his crew provide age-appropriate handouts, activity books, videos and other resources as well as handing out prizes and t-shirts.

Team Thunder is available to present at schools. They may be reached by calling Parton at Team Thunder (918) 786-6247