GROVE A Missouri man taken into custody at a Grove hospital emergency room for outstanding warrants now faces new charges after authorities found him in possession of several Xanax pills without a prescription, Grove Police Chief Mark Morris said Monday.

Richard Harold Reece, II, 26, of Anderson, Mo., was arrested on January 3 for possession of a controlled dangerous substance. He had two county warrants for defrauding an innkeeper and failure to pay on a public intoxication charge. He also had an outstanding Grove warrant for failure to appear on a shoplifting charge.

While being transported to Delaware County jail, Grove police noticed Reece moving around while handcuffed in the backseat of the patrol car, the police report stated.

After removing Reece from the back seat, police noticed two small blue pills that were later identified by Reece as Xanax, a schedule four narcotic, underneath the back seat. Reeves also had approximately eight Xanax pills in his mouth, the report stated

Reece told the police that he did not have a prescription for the pills and that they were stolen.

He remains in jail held on $3,171.50 bail.

In an unrelated arrest over the holiday weekend, Thomas Ray Shaw, 47, of Jay was arrested January 2 on an outstanding warrant for failing to register as a sex offender.