Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

1. How did you end up at Grand Lake?

I moved to Grove, OK in July of 2007 to accept the position of?City Manager.

2. What are your thoughts on Grand Lake and where do you see us in the next five or 10 years??

I see the City of Grove continuing to be the City with the highest quality of life in the four state region.

3. What are your daily responsibilities??

Managing a $35 million budget that includes police, fire, planning & zoning,?parks and recreation, water, sewer, and natural gas and 115 employees.

4. What was your very first job??

SparrowHawk Camp on the? Illinois River?near?Tahlequah, OK.?

5. Who do you think of as your mentor(s)??

Darlene Dowling (Mother), Dan Parrot (City Manager), and Larry Parham (Councilman)

6. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be??

Nothing.? I have a wonderful wife, tremendous children and terrific job!

7.? In your position what do you consider the greatest opportunities?? Greatest challenges??

The greatest opportunities for Grove is the continued economic development of Grand Lake. And the greatest challenge will be overcoming?federal deficit spending?and mandates.

8. Tell us something about you most people donít know??

I invented the internet alongside Al Gore.

9. If you could choose a different career, other then what youíre doing now, what would it be??


10.? If you were stuck on an island on the lake, what three people would you want to be stuck with and why??

My wife and two daughters so that we can recreate?Swiss Family Robinson.