Janet Barber

Grove Sun

lCommissioners voted to call for a burn ban in Delaware County during their meeting held Tuesday morning.

The board has planned the ban to be in affect immediately and it will be decided on April 19 whether the ban will be lifted or extended. Residents caught burning can face fines and possible other charges as well.

In a vote of 2-1 state funding will go to a project in district #3. There were two projects slated with only enough funds for one. District #2 had a project on Beatty's Creek and district #3 had a bridge project on New Life Road. District #2 commissioner Bill Cornell voted for his project while commissioners from #1 and #3 voted for the bridge project in southern Delaware County.

In other matters before the board:

A hearing date of April 19 has been set for an intended grant for the Grand Lake Public Works Authority for a water line extension. The grant amounts to $350,000 and is located in the Bernice area. The board also approved the sponsorship of this grant.

There was no representative from the Delaware County Fairboard to discuss the roof replacement. According to the board, they voted to do the emergency repairs on the roof cause by the recent snow storm. The agenda item read a entire roof replacement, but the commission denied that the entire roof was going to be replaced at this time.