Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

Grove Fire and GRDA responded to a dock fire at Honey Creek Landing Tuesday afternoon. Sparks from welding repairs on the docks near two empty gas holding tanks is believed to be what caused the fire to start.

Workers on scene frantically tried to contain the fire and protect nearby boats until firefighters arrived with fire extinguishers.

“Training pays off. Everyone did what they were trained to do,” said Honey Creek Landing’s Pete Norwood who credits the quick response of the workers for keeping the fire contained.

“The Grove First Responders were also impressed with how well the workers responded,” said Norwood.

They also quickly moved a nearby boat. No boats were damaged. The fire was contained to a small area near the A dock.

HAZ MAT applied a bonding agent to clean-up a film created from melted styrofoam. No fuel leaked into the lake.

“The burned boards were repaired by eight o'clock that night and fuel lines will be back in order. We will be back in business for the weekend,” said Norwood.

According to Grove Fire Captain Rocky Desilva, all fuel and electric lines were shut down during the repairs.

One person trying to help contain the fire was taken by ambulance to the hospital for burns to his calf and released. There were no other injuries reported.