Within just one month of its first meeting, the Grove Public School (GPS) Strategic Planning Committee has already held four focus groups as it prepares to guide and organize a long range strategic plan for the school system.

The first of many upcoming focus groups, these first sessions were specifically geared to parents and were held this month at four of Grove’s schools: Early Childhood Center; Upper Elementary; Mid-School; and High School.

Each one hour session allowed attending parents to voice their opinions and ideas concerning the Grove school system’s strengths and weaknesses. Discussions focused on possible improvements, trends, opportunities and issues facing Grove public schools.

 “We received tremendous input on everything from facilities, faculty and technology to curriculum, transportation and nutrition,” said co-chair Lynn Pagels.

Comprised of parents, administrators, board members, community members, and teachers, the Steering Committee’s purpose is to seek input and develop a plan for the Grove Public Schools over the next five years.  

According to co-chair Sandy Busch, the second set of focus groups has been scheduled for this month and targets GPS employees. Following those sessions, focus groups will be scheduled with interested parties such as graduates, senior citizens, community leaders and members of the business community.

According to Busch, individuals who are unable to attend focus groups can complete the same questionnaire that is being discussed at the focus groups (see sidebar).

“We recognize families are busy so we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for them to participate,” said Busch. ““If you were unable to attend a focus group or prefer to remain anonymous, we still want your opinions and comments. You may submit your ideas in writing to any of the committee members, or you may drop it off in a sealed envelope at the superintendent’s office.”



    Even if they can’t attend a focus group, individuals can still participate in Grove Public Schools’ long range planning process.

    The (GPS) Strategic Planning Committee has developed the following questions:

•    What does the Grove school system do that works? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

•    What is it about the school system that is not working so well right now? What could the school improve upon?

•    What are the priority needs/obligations/values of the community with respect to its educational system?

•    What trends (educational, demographic, etc.) and opportunities should the schools be addressing that they are not addressing now?

•    What are the external threats or issues the schools must address?

Responses to these questions can be submitted in writing to any of the committee members, or can be dropped off in a sealed envelope to the superintendent’s office at the Grove Middle School.  You may also email responses to supt@ridgerunners.net or by mail to GPS Steering Committee, P.O. Box 450789, Grove, OK  74345.