The Grove School Board seat currently being held by Rami Masri will be up for election as Delaware County registered voters will go to the polls on Feb. 8, 2011. Throughout the county, members will be elected for full terms, which are five-years, and partial terms of board members who were appointed in the first part of an unfilled seat. Some 3-year terms are also included.

Anyone interested in running for one of the seats that are opening up can pick up and file their papers between Dec. 6 and 8. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and live in the district the seats represent. In Grove, board member Rami Masri said he will seek reelection for Seat #1, a 5-year term.

His district includes an area that starts at the intersection of 16th St. and Hwy 59, proceeding north to area Southwest of 59 Hwy to lake, following lake North and East to County Line, West to S 550 Rd. (Iron Post Road) South 2 1/2 miles, West 1/2 mile, South 1/2 mile then West to River and South 1/2 mile then West to River and South on Lake to include Monkey Island, east on Hebbert as per the Grove school website.

In Jay, the seat held by Navada Jefferies and the seat being held by Leroy Hendren will be up for grabs as well. Hendren is serving the unexpired term of John Wilson who passed away as a result of a vehicle accident during his term.

In Kansas, Seat #1 being held by Kelly Kaiser is up for grabs as well as the unexpired term being held by Jeremy Russell who was appointed to the current seat.

In Leach, Seat # 2 is up for election and is only a three-year term. The seat is currently being held by Norman Smith.

In Colcord, Seat #1 being held by Opal Payne is up for re-election for a 5-year term.

In Cleora, seat #2 will be open which is a three-year term.

In Ketchum Schools, Seat #1 being held by Mark Evans is up for bid.

In Ottawa County, as reported earlier, in the Fairland Public Schools, Seat #1, which Bob Clark currently holds, is the only one up for election in the district.

On the Afton Public Schools board only Seat #1 will be open in the Feb. 8 election. Lora Gibson, who has not stated if she will seek another term, currently holds that seat.

The Wyandotte Public Schools has Seat 1, with a five-year term, up for grabs in the election. Russell McCloud currently holds that seat.

The Turkey Ford School District has a three-year term on Seat 2, which is currently held by Donna Jean Mouser. This district lies in both Ottawa and Delaware counties so residents need to go to the Election Board in their respective counties to pick up their application and file their forms.

Northeast Vocational Technical Center district has its Zone 1 (part of Rogers County) and Zone 4 (Ottawa and Craig counties) open.

The Zone 1 seat is held by Stephani Freeman from Rogers County, while the Zone 4 seat is held by Justin Miller of Ottawa County. Both board members have said they will seek re-election to the board.

While the Zone 1 seat is a five-year term, the Zone 4 seat is for the unexpired three years of the term.

Candidates can go to the Mayes County Election Board in Pryor or to the Election Boards in their respective counties.