Late yesterday evening Chad Smith filed a motion with the court for another recount, despite the fact that each time the votes are counted with the public watching, the Chief Elect has come out the winner.

Smith’s latest attempt to hold onto power is claiming that he does not trust the work of his hand-picked Election Commission. Once again the Smith campaign is claiming irregularities that can only be found when outside eyes aren’t watching. Instead of trusting the dozens of Cherokee citizens Smith wants one of his outside vendors/campaign supporters to do it. The same outside vendor who improperly breached the security of the vault holding the ballots not once but twice.

It is time for Chad Smith to concede defeat, and let the Cherokee people come together and start moving forward.

“The time for politics is over and our focus from here on out is to make sure that the work of the Cherokee People is being done” said Chief Elect Baker. “It’s time to put the Cherokee People first and to be ready to implement our agenda of quality healthcare services, more housing, improving education and creating jobs.”

The Chief Elect wants to thank all of his supporters again for their kind prayers and hard work. The people of the Cherokee Nation have spoken loud and clear, and they are ready to start moving forward.

Shortly after the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court affirmed the certification of Thursday’s recount, Chief Elect Baker announced that he will begin immediately to put together a transition team to ensure that the affairs of the Cherokee are taken care of.

Inauguration is set for August 14, 2011