As I write this, the moon, which is on the wane from its recent fullness, has risen over the bluff opposite my window and is casting a shimmering reflection in the waters of Grand Lake far below. At this phase, the moon always looks to me like it is peering, head slightly tilted, from beneath a black curtain.

During the summer, I can barely see the moon from this vantage point because the giant oak trees in front of my window obscure it with their leaves.

All of the seasons have their advantages. Winters on this bluff are nice because one has a wide-open view.

A bit of history

I spent the better part of Wednesday afternoon at Grove Public Library helping the Grove Sun's sports editor, Guy Ellis, sift through microfiche in search of old Grove Sun stories about the Delaware County Bowl Grove vs. Jay.

Despite the fact that Guy is the sort of person who will make sport of your discomfort and demand that you buy him lunch even when you are doing him a favor, I did appreciate the chance to revisit the Grove that used to be.

It made me realize something I often forget in the daily grind that is the Grove Sun, namely that newspapers are a minute and lively account of history. Looking back over years of print and photos, one may see the evolution of a community what has changed, what is still influencing present circumstances, and what has remained exactly the same.

I must say, the Grove Sun has shown surprising consistency with its front page news since about the mid-sixties. We are still reporting on the same things, for good or evil.

We also have shown a marked consistency in typographical errors. Actually, I was a bit relieved to discover typos are something of a Grove Sun tradition. Mistakes couched in the venerable guise of tradition are much more acceptable.

I happened across a story in a 1977 edition about how city council was debating whether to have a traffic study done. Fast forward to 2009 and what is the city council doing? A traffic study to formulate a master transportation plan. You may read it on the front page of this edition. The names have changed and some of the language is different, but the basic premise is the same.

Then there was a story I personally covered on the pages of the Grove Sun in1999 about ODOT's plan to widen U.S. 59. Back then Grove officials were wrangling with ODOT in hopes of getting them to build a bypass as part of the widening project so that U.S. 59 traffic could be diverted from going straight through the center of town and some of the congestion could be alleviated. I guess we know who won that battle.

One lovely bit of continuity in the newspaper record is the names and faces we may find then and now. For instance, in an edition of the paper from the 1980's, I found a younger Larry Parham (now a Grove City Council member) smiling brightly in an ad for "Grove TV." Then there were Grove beauties Suzanne Crawford (now Boles) and Patti Beth Roberts (now Anderson) posing prettily at Grove High School functions.

Historical knowledge can help to widen and clarify your understanding of a community.

Speaking of history

When I worked at the Grove Sun before one of the stories I covered was the push for a new public library.

The library at that time was housed in the metal building where the YMCA is currently located.

They were literally having to get rid of large numbers of books because they didn't have anywhere to keep them.

When I left Grove in 2000, plans for a new library were underway.

And when I returned in 2005, I was pleased to find the library complete.

Whether you have a penchant for historical romances or you like to do genealogical research, the Grove Public Library is wonderful resource.

And if you ever want a quick look into the history of Grove, view a few editions of the Grove Sun of yesteryear.