GROVE – Authorities have arrested three suspects and are looking for a fourth in what is being called the largest sting operation in Delaware County’s history.

Arrested Friday, February 29th, were Randolph Earl Enyart, 45 of Grove, Tammy Ann Walker, 37 of Grove, and Kristina Donohue, 25 of Jay.

An outstanding warrant has been issued for the fourth suspect, Randolph’s brother, Norman Edward Enyart a/k/a JR Enyart, 60, also of Grove.

All the suspects arrested Friday are believed to be employees of Norman Enyart, who owns Grove Pharmacy/Grand Lake Pharmacy and JR’s Smoke Shop.

The arrests marked the culmination of an investigation by Officers with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department Drug Task Force, working with Investigators from the 13th District Attorney’s Office of Delaware and Ottawa Counties, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Grove and Miami Police Departments and the Federal Drug Administration.

The suspects were allegedly operating an online prescription drug business from JR’s Smoke Shop located on the north side of Cowskin Bridge. Officers said that Norman Enyart sold cigarettes from one side of JR’s Smokeshop, and online prescription drugs from the other.

Officers with the drug task force said complaints had been received regarding controlled substances that had been shipped to individuals who had not purchased the medications. In addition, complainants said the business was charging credit cards for purchases that had not been made by the cardholders.

According to investigators, the smoke shop’s location on tribal land meant that it fell under federal jurisdiction.  

Tribal members asked Norman Enyart to move his business from the property, and according to investigators, when he moved his operation to his residence and two storage building, officials swept into action.

“Manpower was needed when the bust went down, the operation was extensive,” said Investigator Mike Eason with the 13th District Attorney’s office.

 “This was a ‘drug house’, there was no quality control, no pharmacy license was issued and there was no pharmacist,” said Eason. “There was marijuana at the residence. How would you know if you were even getting the right pills? The best thing to do is to get your prescriptions filled at a reputable pharmacy.”

Officers searched the Randolph Enyart residence located on 620 Road outside of Grove, and two storage buildings. They confiscated numerous medications including over 2,000 Soma pills, RX medications, prescriptions, prescription orders, bottles and other packaging materials, 25 to 30 guns, computers, and over 3000 cartons of cigarettes with no tax stamps.

According to investigators, several teenagers at the Grove High School have allegedly overdosed on Soma pills. Soma is a muscle relaxer and pain medication.

Officers with the Drug Enforcement Administration are investigating Norman Enyart concerning eight deaths in Oklahoma and Arkansas, which may be directly related to drugs sold by his pharmacy.

Computer files connected with four websites, which were selling prescriptions, were also confiscated. According to investigators, the files show an estimated income of approximately $28,000 a day from the sale of medications.

In January, Norman Enyart was arrested for driving with a suspended license. No action was taken at that time, due to the ongoing investigation. Officers said that Norman Enyart had $20,000 on his person at the time of the arrest and that he claimed it was a bank deposit.

Delaware County Sheriff Jay Blackfox said that the bust is the largest seizure-wise in the county’s history.

“My officers seized vehicles, boats, trailers, ATVs, computers and several high priced items including $17,000 in cash. Anything that is purchased by illegal means is contraband and subject to seizure by investigating agencies,” he said.

The four suspects could face charges including operating an unlicensed pharmacy, possession of controlled dangerous substances with intent to deliver, no tax stamp on tobacco products, possession of firearms in commission of a felony, maintaining a dwelling where CDS is kept, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and no drug tax stamp.

According to drug task force officer Delaware County Captain Larry Barnett, the Oklahoma Tax Commission is interested in the Enyart operation and he may also have to answer to federal and other state investigators.

“We’re also looking to seize more contraband that what we’ve already confiscated,” Captain Barnett added.

Walker and Enyart remain in the Delaware County Jail in lieu of a $151,250 bond each. Donohue is incarcerated in lieu of a $110,000 bond. An outstanding arrest warrant has been issued for Norman Enyart.