DELAWARE COUNTY – Residents of Delaware County are once again being warned of scams designed to trick them out of their money.

Two Delaware County residents have contacted the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department concerning phone calls they received purportedly notifying them that they have won a $50 gas card.

After telling the victim they have won, the scammers ask for a credit card number to “confirm that they are the right person.”

“So far, no one that we know of has given them this information, but it could just be a matter of time before someone falls for this,” said Sheriff Jay Blackfox.

According to the authorities, in another scam, residents have also received mail notifying them that they have won a lottery, or some other kind of prize, and asking the recipient to provide personal and/or financial information.

Detective Ron Teel, said that the first thing a person should do when they receive something like this in their mail is to call their banking institution immediately.

“Usually, they will be able to tell you whether or not the offer is legitimate,” he said. “This is also a good way for your bank to be made aware of the fraud.

“They can also call whoever issued their credit cards and inform them, just in case the transaction involves their credit card information,” he continued.

The other thing Detective Teel sees a lot of are internet scams.

“We’ve all received these types of e-mails,” he said.

According to internet sources, E-Bay is one of the biggest targets for internet thieves and (according to E-Bay sponsors) they never send e-mails to those customers registered on their website and they should be deleted.

 “Always remember, that if it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true,” said Detective Teel. “Never, never give out any information over the phone or through the mail to anyone that concerns you financial information, or any personal information about yourself.”

If your financial institution cannot help you with what you believe is a scam, contact your local law enforcement office, or the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department toll free at 1-877-722-0007.