Cheryl Franklin

Apart from the extremely famous players, I really donít know that much about sports. Thatís why Iím so grateful to have Guy Ellis on staff at the Grove Sun as our sports editor. Some small town newspapers have to scrounge around and utilize whatever means they can find to acquire their sports news. Our readers not only get sports news but the best Grove sports coverage there is.

Most recently our Special football preview section, which was inserted into Fridayís paper, was one of the nicest football sections we ever published, in my opinion. Guy worked all day and then all through the night on Wednesday to put the finishing touches on the edition. You could say that Guy takes his sports seriously but more than that he takes his role of covering sports even more serious.

Of course, we appreciate the advertisers that made the printing of this issue possible. We want to be able to give the Grove Ridgerunners and other Grove sports the best coverage there is and the advertisers make that possible.

We are excited that we will begin to have video highlights on our website of the Friday night games. Our website will also be the place to look for other video clips of non-sports events in the near future. So, if itís happening in Grove, be sure to check out the photo slide shows and videos.

We will be distributing a couple of thousand extra issues of our paper on Friday so if you are a non-subscriber and you get one in the mail we hope you enjoy reading it and consider subscribing. We have made a lot of changes in the Grove Sun in the past few months. The entire staff has been working day and night to gather news and interesting features, process it and get to our readers, all with pretty much a skeleton crew. So, if you see news or if you know of something that you think would be of interest to our readers, please feel free to call me or contact Kirsten, our editor. Contrary to popular belief, the newspaper doesnít always know everything that is going on unless someone tells us.

Speaking of Grove happenings, if you like music, Grove is the place to be on Labor Day weekend. Jana Jaeís Fiddle Camp and Music Festival kicks off on Friday evening and at Cedar Oaks RV Park the sounds of bluegrass, country, western and gospel music will be in the air all weekend. And.. of course, the first Ridgerunner varsity football game of the season is Friday night at McDonald County.

The rest of September is so busy my planner has run completely out of room on those little squares. Thereís the Delaware County Fair, The Grand Lake Rally, REC Days and the Pelican Festival which is the same weekend as the Taste of Grand.

I also have a lot of activities going on in my other lifeÖ you know, the one that isnít connected to the newspaper.

Today is 31 years since I arrived in Delaware County. It was quite a culture shock from southern California where I had been for about a year. It was Jesse James Days weekend in Pineville and my husband took me to watch the Jesse James film they were showing outside in the park.

A small town festival was something new to me growing up in a major city. I was immediately in love with small town living.

This weekend I went to Jesse James Days again, and took my five-month-old grandson. We didnít get to watch the Jesse James film but the same small town feeling that was there in 1978 is still there now. I decided then that this part of America would be a good place to work, play and raise kids, and now I know I was right.

In real life, Cheryl Franklin is the publisher of

the Grove Sun.