Dorothy Scearcy will be the guest author at Third Thursday at the Grove Public Library Aug. 21 at 12 noon.  She will be reading excerpts from her book, signing copies, and visiting with her fans. Dorothy's short story collection, Circus Peanuts, Goldfish, and Virgil ran off with the Cleaning Lady takes a nostalgic look at the author’s life, the majority of which was spent in Webb City, Missouri.   

Scearcy said, “I began writing, in an effort to show my grandchildren that the person they know only as Mammie, did have a life before they were born, and that I had a lot of fun along the way.”

She certainly did. Many of these stories are laugh out loud funny. “Hustled" tells the story of how, at age sixteen, she and a friend dressed up as old geezers in order to gain admittance to a men-only pool hall. “Dust Bunnies,” recounts Dorothy’s hilarious quest to find a cleaning lady. And you will laugh right alongside Scearcy as she relates how she was thrown out of the P.T.A. in, “Politicians and Other Dummies.”

Throughout the book, Dorothy Scearcy’s wit, humor, and comic timing are impeccable.

Not only will these stories uplift you, they will also give you pause for thought, bring a lump to your throat, and a tear to your eye. One such tale is “The Singing in the Trees,” an account of a visit to an African American church as seen through a child’s eyes. You will also discover why this writer hangs headless dolls and turnips on her Christmas tree every year.

Susan Campbell of the Hartford Courant newspaper had this to say about Scearcy’s Book, “I hadn’t intended to read it all at once, but it drew me in. It really is a wonderful bunch of stories.”

Everyone is invited to Third Thursday, a program about books and authors sponsored by the Friends of the Grove Public Library  and the library.  Visitors are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch.  Drinks and dessert will be provided.