Kendra Montana

Grove Sun

The Town of Langley met on Thursday night to discuss city business including the purchase of real property and approving a resolution for application for a REAP Grant as part of business.

With board members Mike Turner, Tommy Hopper, Dee Ann Midgett and Margaret Rutherford present the meeting opened with department reports and the approval of minutes from the last meeting.

The board voted to enter into executive session for the purpose of discussing and taking action on the purchase of real property located at Orig. BLK 11 Lot 8, then reconvened to vote all in favor of purchasing the property.

The board approved an item calling for action on a resolution titled “Let’s Move,” as well.

“This is a resolution that has been put into place by the First Lady stating that we, the Town of Langley, supports policies that focus on health and wellness, continuing education and healthier lifestyles in all communities,” said Margaret Rutherford. “We are already ahead of the game on this with the implementation of employee gym memberships at a discounted price, the recent additions to the playground and park areas and the hiking trail.”

The next item called for discussion and possible action on a GRDA request to pull the community boat dock.

Local businessman Richard Carriger, owner of Pensacola Pizza and Past voiced his opposition to the dock’s possible removal.

“It would cost me personally a lot of revenue. Myself, and other local restaurants use that dock as a means of delivery to a large number of customers. Without it we would have no way to provide our service,” Carriger said.

The board expressed concerns over losing the dock.

“I am not in favor of removing the dock for several reasons, and I think that the board agrees with me on that. However, it is an item that we believe should be handled by our attorney,” said Rutherford.

Board member Tommy Hopper agreed.

“That dock is our only access to the lake,” said Hopper.

The board voted three to one that town attorney Karl Jones handle the issue.

A resolution to apply for REAP grant monies through Rep. Doug Cox and Grand Gateway Economic Development Agency, to help fund the installation of electric in Village Park was approved.

The board also approved all purchase orders and the financial report for the month of March 2011.

The Town of Langley meets the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in city hall. All meetings are open to the public.