Grove Police Detective Sergeant John Morrow began the New Year by serving a search warrant at a home where drug dealers were reputedly doing business.

“We recovered meth, marijuana, and paraphernalia,” Morrow said.

He reported that two arrests are pending in the case, and charges may include misdemeanor and felony counts of possession.

“The suspects also had a police scanner, and that could lead to another felony charge,” Morrow said.

Morrow, who has been a Grove Police officer for eight years, was promoted on January 1st, and served his first warrant as a detective on January 2nd.

“Chief Morris has a no tolerance policy for drugs,” Morrow said. “We are working diligently this year to suppress the spread of narcotics in Grove.”

Morris said Morrow will concentrate heavily on drug enforcement in his new position.

“One of the reasons we promoted him is because he has already established a good rapport with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department and the Drug Task Force,” Morris said.

“He is going to be working very closely with these agencies,” Morris added.

Morrow also has an excellent relationship with other officers on the Grove Police force, Morris said.

“These relationships are the key to doing a good job. The only way we can make a dent in drug crimes is for everybody to work together,” Morris said.

He explained that Morrow’s ability to work closely with other officers led to the warrant he served on January 2nd.

Morrow said Officers Ron Crawford and Scott Graham made the investigation possible.

“It was information that they gathered that enabled us to search the home and find the evidence,” Morrow said.

Morrow noted that one of the largest challenges he faces as a drug enforcement officer involves the illegal use of prescription drugs, a growing problem among area youth.

Morris said all Grove officers are facing an uphill battle in the New Year.

“We expect a lot more real challenges in the coming year,” he noted. “But we are confident that we can meet those challenges.”