Election time is upon us once again and I am asking for your support for re-election as your district #2 county commissioner.  We as Delaware County residents have experienced some extreme weather conditions such as rain, ice storms, and tornadoes in the past few months. Myself, and the employees of district #2, have put in numerous hours and have endeavored to repair the roads, replace low water slabs, and clear debris from our roads. We have worked with FEMA, Emergency Management, Cherokee Nation and the State, to apply for funding to assist in the repairs and construction of our damaged roads. This is a slow process, due to paperwork and weather conditions.

I have had the opportunity to meet with Cherokee Nation, FEMA, and state representatives, and  have requested assistance with funding of the following:

CBRI funded roads (approved):

• Topsy turnpike 3.5 miles overlay not to exceed $200,000.00.

• Mt. Herman Road, 2.5 miles overlay not to exceed $150,000.00.

• Hog Creek Bridge (programmed) not to exceed $330,000.00.

Cherokee Nation funded & approved:

• Parker Road, 1.9 miles chip & seal $32,717.50 with $7,500.00 for low water crossing.

• Deerlick Road Phase V, $88,950.00, 1 mile new asphalt.

• Yellow Tree Cemetery Road low water crossing, $4,069.00 (completed)

• Ross Acres Road, $7,500.00 for base rock and also lake access approved for asphalt 1.3 miles at a cost of $105,000.00.

The county is experiencing a budget problem due to the increased cost in fuel, supplies, etc., just as you are. I will strive to use district #2 apportionment of tax monies to the optimal benefit of district #2 residents.

It has been a privilege to serve as your commissioner and if re-elected, I will continue to work for the people. I will continue to seek funding for our county in order to improve our roads and bridges, and as always, I will continue to have an open door policy.

Thank you,

Billy Cornell,

District #2 Delaware County Commissioner