Dr. Wayne Shaw


First Christian Church

Several years ago a Biloxi, Mississippi newspaper ran a news story of a woman who attempted suicide.  It seems she thought life had no meaning, and so she jumped from the bridge to the Mississippi River below.

 A man standing nearby saw her jump and without any thought for his safety or his ability to save her, he jumped in after her.  It was not until he was in the water that it dawned on him that he did not know how to swim.

 Ironically, his thrashing in the water and his cries for help caught the attention of the woman attempting suicide and she rescued him.

 The writer of the newspaper article finished with this thought: “It wasn’t the gentleman who saved that woman’s life that night; it was purpose.  No doubt, the man meant well.  But what he provided for her was one moment where life offered meaning: the opportunity to save a man’s life.  She had a clear purpose and objective.  She tapped into the energy that was inside all the time when she finally linked up to a mission.”

I do not know what you may consider your mission or purpose in life, but unless it is bigger than yourself and reaches out to help others, you probably will not find life very satisfying.  True mission must be outward focused, not inward and self-focused.  As a Christian, we need to take out cue from our Master.  “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45).

 One thing more, what if you could see the impact of your belief?  One man will in the movie “Time Changer.”  Everyone is invited to this movie at First Christian, Saturday evening at 6:30.  There is no charge and a nursery is provided.