Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

ABC’s KTUL Channel 8 came “rolling down Main Street” October 27 to highlight the city of Grove. It all started with a couple of phone calls, and Christy Wright, PTO Founder “blasted out an e-mail” according to Dr. Jim Rutter, President of the Grove School Board.

“It’s an amazing turn-out when you get-up this early and have this many people, it shows the kind of support we have” said Rutter.

“PTO rallied the troops” said Superintendent Sandy Harper.PTO’s email said “Time to rally …This is an opportunity to show the state what a great community Grove is and that our school is the best in the state!!”

“We were notified during sixth hour the day before” said Grove High School Cheerleader Braleigh Bechtel. “Everyone on the Varsity and Middle School squads came. We love our school, and I love spirit” she said when asked why she thought every one of them showed up. Bechtel is in ninth grade.

“I got up at 4 a.m. to be here added” Ivie Judd, also ninth grade. The band played, the cheerleaders cheer, the choir sang and the robotics team showed off their robots.

Anchor Charles Ely interviewed Superintendent Harper live during the 6 a.m. hour. Harper “Welcomed Ely and crew to the home of the Ridgerunners then bragged on the students, the faculty, the staff, PTO, board members and the whole community” she said.

“I am very proud of the support from the administrators and school board members, students, parents and community” for coming she said.

Athletic Director Will Jones was also interviewed live. Jones and Ely discussed the schools 5A status.

“Our academics are similar to what you get in larger cities like Tulsa, but we can also offer things that only a small school can offer…like this small community feel” he said as he pointed to the crowd that turned out.

The crew then went to the Grove Christian H.E.L.P. Center where Ely had the opportunity to talk to some of the local people who came to receive food donations.

“The center goes through about 100 plastic grocery bags filled with food each day. Yesterday we gave food to 26 families.” said Anna Shaw, director of the center. “Quantity is determined by the size of the family” she added.

Charles Ely also interviewed City Manager Bruce Johnson and Mayor Gary Trippensee. These interviews were aired later on KTUL’s five and six o’clock broadcasts. They discussed the downtown revitalization and what it will take to get more businesses to move into the downtown area.