Janet Barber

Grove Sun

JAY – Delaware County Commissioners named officers, entered into agreements and contracts and heard from local fire departments during their regular Monday morning meeting.

Stan Shelley, Fire Chief of West Siloam Springs and Tom Shaffer, Fire Chief of Flint Ridge, complained about communications between their fire departments and county dispatchers. They told the commissioners that the county tones them out for fires on their frequency, but does not communicate with them further on that frequency, forcing them to go to the county’s frequency should they need further communication with dispatchers.

In other words, the dispatchers do not monitor the firemen’s frequency once the initial call has been made to dispatch them to an emergency.

Shaffer said he’d called this morning on the fire department’s frequency to report there were cows out on the road, but had to go to the county’s frequency to do so.

Delaware County Sheriff’s Captain Ron Teel, officer in charge of the dispatch office, told the gentlemen that dispatchers primarily monitor the county side of the radios, leaving the fire departments’ frequencies open for the firemen during their times of emergency.

“If you need something from the Sheriff’s Department, to go the county’s frequency. We can take care of your needs a lot faster,” stated Teel.

Delaware County Sheriff Jay Blackfox, told the men that the county dispatchers monitor Delaware County, and they don’t regularly monitor the firemen’s frequency.

“We haven’t had any complaints with other fire departments so far,” he added.

It was suggested that Captain Teel attend the next meeting of the county fire chief and explain how the systems works and he agreed to attend the next meeting.

“We’re willing to make it work,” said Sheriff Blackfox.

In other matters before the board Monday morning:

• Renewal of contracts for the Delaware County Health Department for the new fiscal year were signed.

• A tort claim from Larry Kiefer in the amount of $323.05 for windshield damage from a rock falling from a solid waste truck was turned over to the county’s insurance company.

• Funds were transferred for District #1 for $2,768.31 from donation fund to highway cash to finish a donation project in the Sugar Shack area.

• The resale budget for the 2010-1011 for the Delaware County Treasurer was approved, the budget coming in at $302,176.02.

• An application for right of way across tribal land for the Twin Oaks Bull Hollow Road project in District #3 was approved.

• An attendant care agreement with the county and Rosetta Layton was approved.

• Requisitioning officer for the Delaware County Drug Court is Tisha Carroll. Inventory and Receiving officer will be John Koch.

• Requisitioning, Receiving and Inventory officers were named for the Delaware County Commissioners. They are: Ken Crowder, Billy Cornell, Dave Kendrick, Robert Real, Judy Sturges, Sandy White, Stan Weaver and Ben Youngblood.

• Officers for the Delaware County Health Department were named. Marsha Sturges and Jane Ann Nichols will serve as requisitioning officers and receiving officers will be Jana Haynes and Brenna Barnwell.

• A detention service agreement between Osage County Juvenile Detention Center and the board of Delaware County Commissioners was renewed.

• A bid from APAC for hot mix for a special project in District #3 was accepted.

• Bids from Deerlick Wrecker to purchase 18 salvaged vehicles from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office was accepted.

The next meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on Mon., June 20 starting at 9 a.m. in the commissioners’ office of the Delaware County Courthouse.