Kirsten Mustain

Grove Sun

Workers discovered a spring while digging the new city pool at the Grove Sports Complex recently, and it may end up saving the city money.

City Manager Bruce Johnson said the spring, which was, ironically, unearthed during initial ground work for the pool, has been pumping water through a 2-inch line 24 hours a day seven days a week since its discovery.

Its putting out tens of 1,000s of gallons, Johnson said.

He said the city has requested an engineer to check into using the water to fill the pool.

We have already conducted laboratory tests and found the water to be cleaner than lake water, Johnson said.

He said he will also be making a request to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality for permission to use the water in the pool.

It would be a potential savings of $1,000 a year, Johnson said.

He noted that the city would also be looking at using the water to irrigate the entire sports and recreation complex.

The opening date for the pool is projected to be June 12.