As the largest hospital in the Grand Lake region, INTEGRIS Grove Hospital treats tens of thousands of patients each year in its emergency department. On Tuesday, July 5, 2011, INTEGRIS Grove reported it has not treated any patients with blue green algae-related illness.

INTEGRIS emergency department physician Doug Cox, M.D., says, "We have not seen any patients with symptoms we would attribute to blue green algae. Our case mix of symptoms and diagnoses has been no different from any other busy summertime weekend I've experienced in my 31 years of practicing medicine on Grand Lake." Dr. Cox is board-certified in emergency medicine and in family medicine.

During the Fourth of July weekend, the emergency room at INTEGRIS Grove Hospital treated a very normal mix of patients. Typically, patients presenting to the emergency department with health issues related to lake use tend to have physical injuries. Occasionally a few patients also present with other issues such as seasonal allergies exacerbated by time spent out on the lake, severe sunburns and dehydration.