JAY Delaware County Commissioners will be naming the five members to be serving on the Delaware County Economic Development Authority trust board that will govern the tax increment district on Monkey Island during their meeting to be held Monday morning.

Items on the agenda are as follows, in order:

Motion to receive/file/discuss any reports from engineers for Delaware County road projects.

Tabled action concerning a motion to approve the platting of a new subdivision to be known as Drippings Springs Resort.

Motion to enter into an interlocal agreement with Ottawa County and district #1.

Motion to open and review all bids submitted on highway striping for Delaware County with possible acceptance.

Motion to appoint five (5) members to serve on eh Delaware County Economic Development Authority Trust board.

Tabled action concerning motion to discuss approval of a resolution by Delaware County authorizing and approving indebtedness of the Delaware County Economic Development Authority in an amount not to exceed $25,000,000.00 in tax apportionment obligation, waiving competitive bidding of the sale of the revenue notes, approving assistance in development financing; authorizing pledge of apportioned tax increments; and other matters relating thereto with possible approval.

Motion to approve entering into contract agreement by and between Brown Design Group, L.L.C., and Delaware County.

Motion to receive and file official certificate of votes for primary election that was held July 29, 2008.

Motion to approve resolution to participate in the revolving fund with ODOT for the purchase of equipment.

Motion to approve signing certificate of authorized signatures and notice to proceed concerning contract #001-RP-08-B list REAP grant.

Motion to receive and file petition for annexation of territory to West Jay Rural Water District #1 of Delaware County, OK.

Motin to approve notice of hearing petition for annexation of agenda item No. 15.

Motion to approve transfer of funds within highway cash for district #2.

The meeting will start at 9 a.m. in the commissioners office of the Delaware County Courthous on Mon., Aug. 11.