Kendra Montana

Grove Sun

Communities from around Grand Lake held town and city elections on Tuesday, including south Grand Lake towns Disney, Ketchum, Langley and Bernice.

The Town of Ketchum held itís municipal election at city hall electing four trustees and a new town clerk.

Three incumbents, Shirley Skinner, Post I, Allison Graham, Post II and Joel Webb, Post V, all four-year terms, were all re-elected.

For Post III, incumbent John Powell received seven votes over Walter Thurston with seven votes to earn another four years on the board.

In the position of town clerk/treasurer nominee Judy Powell received four votes from the public and Dickie Forbis received 14 votes to win the four-year term.

The Town of Langley had three trustee seats on the ballot electing Phil Bethel, 42 votes, Margaret Rutherford, 41 votes and Deeann Midgett, 39 votes. Each will serve a four-year term.

In the Town of Disney, three board members were elected to serve four-year terms. In Position 1, incumbent Judy Barger won with 17 votes, followed by Bill Aycock with eight votes, Joan Rodenbusch with four votes, Dan Wheatley with four votes, John T. Scott and Sue Wheatley received no votes.

In Position 3, Jim Risman won with 19 votes followed by Bill Aycock with 16 votes.

In Position 5, Bill Aycock won with 12 votes, edging out Joan Rodenbusch with 10 votes, Dan Wheatley with 7 votes, John T. Scott with 6 votes and Sue Wheatley received no votes.

All those who were elected to serve on Tuesday night will begin their term on April 18, 2011, when they are administered the oath of office.