JAY – Delaware County Commissioners voted 2-1 to amend the resolution concerning the creation of the public trust that will be governing the tax increment district (TIF) on Monkey Island during their meeting Monday morning.

District #2 County Commissioner Billy Cornell was the only dissenting vote Monday morning as the amended resolution was approved.

The resolution accepts the beneficial interest in the trust created by a trust indenture after the five members were named during last weeks meeting. Those members included District #1 County Commissioner Ken Crowder, Lendell Bass, Joe Hutchison, Tim Carson, and Dr. Jim Rutter.

In other business:

• District #3 will enter into an interlocal agreement with Ottawa County for a bridge project.

• A tort claim from Angel Cothran against District #2 for damage caused by a limb will be forwarded to the insurance company.

• The five-year ODOT plan was amended to include a road project for E320 from S 510 Road to S 515 Rd.

• The programming for a CR project of 1/2 mile on E 320 Rd was approved along with approving a force account method for the project with ODOT.

• A bid of $75 from Gary Nunley on property not sold at tax sale located in Flint Ridge was okayed.

• A motion to receive and file an annual report for bogus check account submitted by the District Attorney’s Office was approved 2-1 with Commissioner Cornell casting the “no” vote. The item was earlier stipulated as incorrect with Commissioner Crowder saying the item could be voted on as read.

• The signing of a letter requesting full payment from the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the Seneca-Cayuga tribal grounds road by district #1 was approved.

• West Siloam Springs Fire Department pledged financial support to the Delaware County Clerk’s office.

• Funds were transferred for district #3 in the amount of 923.03 and for district #2 in the amount of $395.54.

• A motion to receive and file a petition for the annexation of territory to west Jay Rural Water District No. 1 was given the nod.

The next meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on Mon., Aug. 25 at 9 a.m. in the Commissioners Office at the Delaware County Courthouse.